Regardless of your career choices, at some point you’ll want to pursue and maintain wealth for you into your old age and for your wife and children.  Many folks offer wealth programs.  Your siblings will offer them.  Your parents will offer them, coworkers, and so forth.  But understand that the most efficient wealth program guaranteed is the family. What that means is that you won’t generate wealth overnight but over time, through the years.  Stick to that plan and you will at the end of your life have wealth.  Read what Dr. Gary North has to say about the family:


What about the family? For people who grew up in the 1950’s, the family is in retreat. The divorce rate has risen, which means that far more children are growing up in divided households.

In the black community, unquestionably, the disintegration of the family is a catastrophe. There is a similar assault going on in lower-class and lower middle-class white communities. This has been chronicled by Charles Murray in his book, Coming Apart (2012). But these sectors of the United States economy still represent a minority.

A majority of Americans get married and stay married in the middle classes and upper classes. Furthermore, after a divorce, virtually all of the men remarry. It is not as though they become single nomads, wandering the streets. They are committed to marriage; they just are not committed to the women they originally married.

This does undermine marriage, but it is not the same as saying that marriage is about to disappear. On the contrary, being married remains the most popular institutional arrangement for men and women in the United States.

Furthermore, in terms of wealth, the 20% of Americans who own 80% of the wealth are virtually all married. Maybe a few sign prenuptial agreements, but even these are not common, except among the very rich.Wealth steadily moves in the direction of stable families. This has always been true. It is always going to be true. The family is the most efficient organization of the division of labor in the history of society. We cannot live without this division of labor.

To say that the family is almost at the end of the road in the United States is preposterous. The family remains the ideal for most people in the middle class. It surely remains the ideal for the rich. Charles Murray offered this wonderful phrase for rich people to adopt: “Preach what you practice.” He thinks they ought to give this message to lower-class whites. But, of course, they don’t know any lower-class whites, so they will not have the opportunity to impart this wisdom to them.

The family is not what it was in 1960. It would be naïve to argue otherwise. It clearly is under assault. But within the classes that lead America, it is alive and well. It is just not as well as it was in 1960.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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