BitPaper.  Online whiteboard created by tutors, for tutors.

Zoom.  For free one-to-one, high quality calls, screen sharing and recording

Google Drive.  Stored files, writing together.


Get a good computer, learn the hotkeys and upgrade your internet connection (it’s well worth it if you don’t have stable , speedy internet already)

Invest in a writing tablet. Wacoms Graphics tablets are great. Huion H420s are very affordable (but require an AAA battery!)

2) Learn How to Get Your Students Online

I’ll summarise my favourites are below:

  1. 15 Minute Free Trial (no more, no less)
  2. The Switcheroo: Turn up to their house with your laptop and online tutoring rig, smash the tutorial out the park using only your laptop. At the end of the tutorial ask them if you really needed to be there!

Check out a few more options below:

The 7 Best Ways To Get Your Students Into Online Tutoring

3) Be Great At Your Subject

Most importantly, just be a really great tutor. Like teaching, your first year (or two) is creating the best resources and teaching methods. Unlike teaching, you won’t be paid a stable salary for this prep time. But once you’ve got a client base and are the top of your game, as an online tutor you can work wherever you want, whenever you want (within the cycle!) and your rates can be very high.

4) Get A Great Agency To Start Out

You’ve got to build a client base up. Try and get into the most exclusive, highest-paying agencies quickly whilst building you own client base through referrals.

However, many are proud to not work with agencies. I highly recommend this amazing Facebook group to help you on your way – super supportive, friendly, and just amazing advice!