The Don’ts

I read CVs all day long and I can tell you the things that are [drive managers crazy]:
(NOTE: all these don’t apply for freelancers’ CV)

  • Having many unoccupied periods. If you’re working one year and then taking one year for yourself, I’m sure you’re doing great things with yourself, but I’m also pretty sure you won’t stick long with us.
  • Having many short term contracts with many companies. Either you’re on a niche market or you’re not really appreciated during your projects… If you’re a consultant, it can be different but no 6–month+ project in over 3 years is a bit worrisome.
  • Using 26 colors in your resume. Please just stick to 2 or 3 and use standard colors (Black/Grey/Blue/Red). I don’t have anything against pink or yellow or cyan but my eyes have been burnt more than enough.
  • Not saying the exact time/start-end date you worked for a company. Yeah you can write 2015 as the date but was this the whole year or just one week work? It’s important most of the time
  • Not including your direct contact info in the resume but on the job website. This is more than annoying.
  • Not saying in which country you did you education to hide your nationality and/or not writing your nationality. No, not all companies can afford to sponsor people, so you’re making us lose our time and you lose your own time when we call you and we can’t go further because of this…
  • Saying you’re expert in something when you haven’t worked on it more than 6 months
  • Lazy CV: putting just the name of your company and your role
  • Not-lazy-enough CV: writing every single thing you’ve done in every role you’ve taken – I’ve seen “attend meetings” more than enough.
  • Not following the local format of CV. Yes people from India, China, Rwanda and all, there is a specific format when you apply in Europe. The only two relevant formats in Luxembourg would be UK/US and France/Luxembourg/Belgium CVs
  • Images in your CV. Unless it’s your photo or you’re a logo designer, we do not want to see logos of the companies you’ve worked in, the flags of the countries you’ve lived in or the pictures of your school…