Monday, March 20, 2017
Always be assessing your skills, list them, rank them against others.  The site Freelancer is good for this because you take tests that rank you.  Everyone can see your skill and your skill level.  Don’t despair–you can always retake a test . . . for a price of $5.

Writing and speaking are essential for anyone seeking a successful career.  Here is something novel from the forum at Gary North’s website:

Writing: The Pareto 4% Skill

We use effective writing as a screening device. Before interviewing prospective employees, the job is posted with an “on-site writing sample required” statement. This alone reduces the number frivolous applicants. The sample, anywhere from 1-3 typed pages depending on the type of job, is a significant screening device for both entry-level or promotion within. I think it is better than a resume’, grade point average, or letters of recommendation from college or previous employer.

The applicants are usually asked to write a sample as if it were a memo to a supervisor outlining a problem and options of how to address the problem. They can choose from several “scenario problems.” We usually give the prospective recruit about 1-2 hours (sometimes more) to compose the memo in a conference room. We supply a stand-alone laptop with no online access. We look for a concise and lucid memo with solid knowledge of the subject matter.

This screening device has been in use for several years. It was adopted after upper management selected a new director from the outside. The candidate was an affirmative-action hire because we didn’t have enough (fill in the blank) in the organization. The person had all of the sufficient credentials. Upper management learned after this person was hired, that he couldn’t compose two coherent sentences. He could write only in techno-babble and no upper management folks could make sense of his memos.

EXECUTIVE SKILLS [Friday, October 20, 2017]
Some skills are not hard skills.  Nor are these soft-skills.  They’re essential skills.  They’re listed here and here and here is Seth Godin on skills