Professionally-Written Resumes

I have been writing and editing resumes for almost 20 years.

Resumes are valuable documents, one, because they capture in print your results with different projects and over all sense of problem-solving.  If they don’t do this, then you need to start taking on more projects at your current work situation to start builing a career profile for yourself.  You need to start building a brand for yourself.  If you haven’t done this yet at your work, start on this today.  Don’t just show up to work day in and day out for twenty-five years where all of your value is intrinsically transferred to the owner or supervisor, but start to describe some of the problems AND highlight your solutions for them.  Do this for yourself.  Measure your accomplishments.  Pay attention to the value they generate in numbers to particular people or to a department.  If you don’t know, if it’s not apparent, then ask and find out.  You’ve got to build a brand for yourself AND be constantly tracking your progress quarterly into the future for your own sake. 

Professionally-written resumes can help you highlight your value.  Spend the money so that you can see yourself in print from time to time.  Do it yourself if you think a resume isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  Fire up a resume every year.  Think of it as a visit to the dentist.  Ouch.  Precisely my point.  These require an ounce of pain but these are valuable in that you get to see, evaluate, maybe re-evaluate your worth.  Number help most of us make big purchasing decisions.  What kind of a decision then do you think hiring an employee is?  It’s a buying decision for the manager or HR Dept.  Make it easier on them to make a decision about you.  Give them numbers that help make that decision.  The professionally-written resumes I write insist on numbers.  I am relentless with percentages.  If I ask you and you don’t know, you must find out.  These numbers help me to brand you and leverage your position better in print. 

When it comes to my resumes, I am relentlessly specific.  In order for me to phrase things just so and enshrine your experiences and name in gold, I need specifics.