Online Profile

I thought that this profile is an excellent example and it belongs to Vicki E. Alger.  Note how she lists her accomplishments.  This is the kind of profile you want to post online.  Though I am not a big fan of LinkedIn, I still use it, and you should too by posting a profile like the one Ms. Alger has on your LinkedIn page.

My distrust with LinkedIn is that it simply a snooty version of Facebook or Instagram while trying to position itself as a higher-end jobs board.  It’s not.  Plus, 146 million users’ accounts on its site were hacked in 2016.  If they’re not going to secure their site, then how can you trust them with your information.  But maybe that is the wrong question, the wrong question to put to any online database.  For once something is online, it’s no longer private or protected and you can’t expect it to be.