Networking Tips

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

This is from a forum member from another site

I decided to make my day nicer. I would visit people that would bring a smile to my face. I would do my best to put a smile on the face of everyone that I would meet. At all times I carry gift cards in my car to use as a thank you for people who go the extra mile. I only had two left, so they were gone soon. Today I will resupply.

Starbucks, See’s Candy, Whole Foods, Shell Gas, Chick-fil-A, CostCo, and others.

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TIP #5:

This sounds desperate, though truth be told I have seen people do this.  I’ve seen teachers do this to their Principals and Assistant Principals.  It shocked me as blazon ass-kissing.  Yet it worked for them.