There are do’s and don’ts and because I’ve been writing them for so many years I tend to take their form, their content, and structure for granted.  Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Trick #1

But the trick must be a good one.  The introduction is not good because it lacks experience

“You only get one shot — do not miss your chance to blow.” Eminem may have been referring to rap battles when he dropped this lyric back in 2002, but he just as easily could have been talking about resumes and the job search.

Hardly does anyone ever get 1 chance at anything.  Isn’t persistence the name of the game?  Yes, it is.  Even after you land a position, your job searching efforts are not done or at leas they shouldn’t be.  Assess your position, its hierarchy, its bureaucracy and what’s required for your next step.  Spot options.  If none exist, create them.  Look to the next certification level.  This should be part of your ongoing strategy.  If not, then you may enjoy being ruled by others.

Just sayin’ . . . .