During the Interview

Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

I posted this video for what Adams says from the 13:18 to the 16:15 mark.  This truly is the best interview guide I’ve ever heard . . .  and it will work with or for anybody.  

h/t Gary North

What follows is my transcription of Adams’ comments from the 13:18 mark to 16:15.

The only thing you need to do in an interview is to convince the interviewer that you’re going to add something to the situation. So if all you’re doing is saying “I have this skill, I do this, I did that,” then you look like everybody else.  If you come in with a bunch of BS, and you say, “I have come here to be the best employee who has ever worked at this company, I will make us a fortune,” that’s a little too BS. 

But if you come in and say “This is my philosophy, alright, I’m going to help out even if it’s not my job.  I’m going to try to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  I’ll be honest if you ask me what doesn’t work. I promise I’ll be honest about that.  And if you ask me what does work, I’ll be honest about that. So what I’m bringing you to this job, I promise I am not going to be stuck in my little box.  If there’s something that needs to be done, I’m just going to do it.  You’re not going to hear me say “That wasn’t my job.” You tell that to a boss, you went to the top of the list.  Nobody disagrees.  You go into your boss.  You go in for an interview, and let’s say your qualifications are at least as good as the other people.  All the people applying for this job we all look pretty good on paper.  I’m not going to think my job is limited to the hours or to the task.  I’m here to give you what you need.  I’m going to be honest with you.  I work well with coworkers.  I’m not here to have fights.  I’m here to get this stuff done because that’s the only thing that makes me feel good. When I go home at night, I want to feel like I did something useful.  And if I come to work and I don’t feel like what I am doing is useful, I’m going to come to talk to you and we’ll figure out how to make it useful.  Beyond that, I’m pretty sure I have all the capabilities to learn everything you need based on what I already know.  But I also think a lot of other people are going to bring that to the job.  What I’m going to bring you are no problems.  I’ll never be your problem, Boss, I’ll never be your problem, but quite often I will be your solution.  If you need some other problem solved, come to me.  I’ll do my job and help you as much as I can on the other stuff, and I’m never going to complain about that.  You say this to your boss, you’re hired. 

And these are Gary North’s comments

If you get to the interview, and you make this sales pitch, you’re going to get the job. Then your primary task will be this: do exactly what you promised in the interview.

Why doesn’t every person being interviewed for a job do this? Because nobody has told these people about the marketing principle known as reasons-why advertising. The law of this form of advertising is simple to describe: “Lead with the benefit. Follow with the proof.”

Adams understands this quite well. It is a shame that most young people starting their careers do not understand this.