Educational Careers

I do not know why anyone would want to go into public education.  I am sure it is to make their mark, but wouldn’t it be better to make one’s mark in the marketplace where you receive positive and negative sanctions early on, you adapt, and overcome, and then learn about marketing?

But if you’re determined, which you have to be in this field, if you’re determined, then you should have a plan.  And those plans absolutely need to be time-constrained.  In education it is easy to find yourself wrapped up in the politics of school, for that more than anything else is the theme of public education.  Be careful of political, unionized, or departmental politics.  It’s in all the schools.  Mainly because of the union-privilege to a higher-than-average salary compared to what any teacher might make on the free market.  So your salary is already privileged, and people will envy you.  So be careful.  Some will admire you, but that is misplaced feelings of love.  Those feelings grant someone undo authority in your lives, when all that they’re really good at is being a good college student.  Then there are the loudmouths, teachers who believe that their insights are important or powerful enough to bulldoze a bureaucracy that has been set in place for decades if not over a hundred years.