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Bob Bly says that . . .

Writing and publishing white papers is the quickest – and easiest – way to establish you or your company as a thought leader in your industry.

Learn from Gordon Graham, the ThatWhitePaperGuy.

Gordon Graham states that

White papers are used strictly in B2B of 1400 words or more, used strictly to persuade.  A persuasive essay to promote a service or produce.  The go back over a 100 years.  7 out of 10 B2B companies use white papers.

Tough project for a new copywriter.  “Very complex” project.  Three to five reviewers.  Lots of web search.  They’re long.  Take multiple drafts.  They’re hard.  Not everybody can do them.  tough stretch as your first project.  Start writing web pages.  Case studies not as much web searches.  Clients will say “Hey,

AWAI has a course on white papers.  His site has samples, overviews, etc.

Content Marketing Institute or CMI.

Learn from Bob Bly.  And be sure to check out his book, The White Paper Marketing Handbook, 2006.

Bob Bly also has the B2B Marketing Handbook.  And that is FREE!!!  I’d want to know where these papers are published and who the audience is.  Is it people in your niche, key players in your industry, vendors in your industry?  It’s not clear.  Least not now.  The only time I hear about White Papers is from copywriters and not purchasing agents.  So there’s that.  Perhaps Bob Bly has insight on that.

Michael Stelzner has written a book on White Papers.  I will have to review the different books on this topic.

Often written by university professionals who bring new information from their university training.  Hmm.  They cover new economic trends to marketing strategies.  So they come out of a sales background and not the background of your expertise.

This is not bad, particularly the 2 to 3-minute section.