But I have no network!

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never had the knack or the skill to network.  I’ve simply tried to deliver the best service I can and let the customers I serve network on my behalf.  But showing up to seminars or attending conferences seems to so far out of my range of time commitment that I cannot help but view those activities as a waster of time.  Clearly, they are not.  Clearly, other folks use these events to build a network.  When I taught English I found no value of attending literary conferences where there would only fawning praise for esoteric interpretations were met rarely with any conflicting opinion.  And this I saw at prestigious universities.  It were the unions that gave false perception of security, for with that false perception I didn’t see that I needed to network, that I needed to talk with different principals throughout the district and in other, local districts.  I just did not do that work.

I created this page today, Saturday, February 18, 2017 in response to Gary North’s Tip of the Week.  His Tip of the Week suggests using Toastmasters as a way to network.  I’d like to hear more.  He’s big on developing public speaking as a skill, a rare skill.  But how does this skill translate into networking?