Lists help you see things a bit clearer than the wording or description in a job ad

I always recommend that you count the cost of any effort, any endeavor, any commitment.  Especially jobs, for it’s here where employers are greedy for your time more than anything.  Time is your greatest asset and your strongest negotiating point.  A lot of employers expect you to work 50 hours.  They need this because they don’t have the staff or the overhead to pay folks to manage.  They’re doing the managing.  And the first thing they want to manage is your time.  Fifty hours a week cut into your ability to work on your legacy–that skill or insight which no one else has that makes you irreplaceable.  But if you’re going to work 50 hours, like many of us do, then you’ll need to count your pay against the number of hours you put in.  Getting paid $1,500 a week sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but if you’re asked to commit 50 or 60 hours a week, then there’s nothing left in your week for anything else.  Expect to have no social life, I mean zero unless finding yourself alone in a bar is your definition of social life.

When looking for a job, I like to make lists.  Lists help you see things a bit clearer than the wording or description penned by the secretary or hiring manager at a company.  Often times pay is left out and you have to call the company and if you can find someone who knows, ask them what the position pays.  But you need to calculate the pay against the hours.  Like I said, if you’re getting paid $1,500 a week, calculate that against the hours.  40 hours a week means you’re getting paid $37 an hour.  That’s not bad pay.  But what are you doing for that?  Is the work physically demanding, maybe even physically risky?  What are the chances of getting hurt or hit or bumped around to the point where you’re spending more money on care and repair of your body than you are on the goals that caused you to pursue the job in the first place?  So lots of things to calculate.  So because I like lists, I made one for a friend who drives a truck in Colorado.

Hourly pay Weekly pay Job Title Location
$20-$28 $800-$832 Street & Deck Coating Technician


Barrier Companies

$16-$17 $640-$680 Surveillance Field Investigator

Digistream Investigations
$15-$36 $600-$1480 Field Technician (Electrician)

Medley Networks
$13 $25k to $35k/yr Delivery Driver

Castle Pines Winwater Works
$39 $75k to $115k/yr Fracking Equipment operator

HIRE Upstream, Henderson
$25-$30 $1,000 to $1,200 Ready Mix Driver, B or A CDL

Mudd Runners


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