Be Skilled But Be Liked

Don’t be so arrogant about your ability, skills, background and education that it makes you unpleasant to be around.  After all, all of that stuff means more to you than it does or than it could to anyone else.  So try not to go around prancing or someone will try to knock you off your horse.  This is universal.  You will confront this everywhere.  Envy is man’s default position.  So be wary of it and learn how to negotiate it with others.  Find a way to be pleasant, to be fun, funny, and interesting. This may be more important than the very skills for which you were hired.

Don’t believe me?  Read here:

companies work most efficiently when its employee base is happy. Have you ever heard the term demoralized? And how does that happen?

It happens when employees poison the well. What this means is an employee, or group of employees, sways attitudes, on any variety of topics. This decreases productivity company wide when it gets bad enough, and then fires need to be put out.

Remember this–

If you have to choose between selling yourself out and taking a very controversial side, sell the [. . .] out of your soul. There’s no salvation in “being your own man” when you already work for the man. You are a cog, you already sold your soul. The best you can get from this is the ability to work with company mechanics that far exceed what you could likely ever do on your own.


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