Write Code or Learn Excel? For Business, It’s Excel

Gary North  (his site is behind a paywall but is an immeasurable wealth of resources) had a subscriber write in to his forum. The subscriber wrote,

I’m 37. Should I learn how to code? Is this the lingua franca of the day irrespective of my field?

North’s full response is here behind a paywall.  But let me cite a two points of the many that were covered.

The ability to write code is more genetic than technical. Some people have an innate talent. Most do not.

. . .

If there is a lingua franca, it is spreadsheet development. It is used in every business setting. I recommend mastering Microsoft’s Excel. It is like learning a foreign language. Become fluent in this language.

Database management is another basic skill. Again, you might as well learn Microsoft’s Access. This is the program most used in business settings.

Coding places your career on the chopping block. One mistake, and the program can come crashing down . . . on you. Shooting a video is not dependent on digits.

A spreadsheet had better be accurate. So should a database. But these are normally not so crucial to an operation that a misplaced digit can collapse the project.

Simple video production is applicable in business and education. The software is cheap: under $75. Start here:



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