Free Resume Templates?

The reason why so many people don’t opt for FREE resume templates is because they don’t inspire. Have you seen these stark concoctions?  It feels like some kind of Soviet beauty pageant.

Not a big fan of Wendy’s either.

But you get the point.  Templates don’t get you a call to interview.  It’s readability. And placement.  It’s the specific content of your resume that matter and where it gets placed. And after looking at the different free templates, I have to say I do not see solutions to my problems of representing myself in print.  Nothing reflects my uniqueness.  And if it does, it is often too far out.

There are things to consider when it comes to a resume format.  One, who is your audience?  In every attempt at communicating in print, your audience is the first consideration.  Are you writing to the President of the United States or to the head of Sun MicroSystems or your local city councilman or to a teacher in East Los Angeles?  Audience determines your tone.  Now if you’re unsure of what you’re writing about, then first need to take some time to gather your thoughts and the points you want to cover, but even the points you want to cover are greatly influenced by your audience.  You’re not going to include talk about condoms to daycare board members.  Does this make sense?


I’ve actually tried a similar resume style.  These don’t work.  In fact, they put the resource manager off because it is such a shameless attempt at being frou-frou.  Oh, stylistically, yes, they are quite interesting, quite out of the box, quite disappointing too. If a manager is reading a score to a hundred of these a day, do you really think that a tw0-column resume is going to make him stand up and shout?  Obscenities, maybe.  But no, it will only be received with some annoyance, because he’ll have to adjust his whole frame of mind and eyes to your arrangement when after an hour or two he’s seen only the standard one-column format.  I would not try these.  In fact, the resume I wrote with the two-column was better looking than the one above.  Mine had colored logos of the places I’d worked.  So there.  I had two resource managers tell me gently, “Ah, Sir, this format doesn’t work.”  One reason why is that you actually create a more narrow space for relevant information and elaboration on your achievements.

Here is another.



Two column resume formats don’t work, I’m tellin’ ya.  This splits the reader’s attention initially until he finds information relevant to the position he’s hiring for.


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