Looking for Work: It’s a Job In and of Itself

Here’s what’s required.

1)  Resume.  You’ve heard of these, yeah?

2)  Cover letter.

3)  Thank you letter.

Letters of reference are fine.  Though people often mean one for the other.  However, there is a significant difference.  Letters of Recommendation zero in on your strengths citing specific examples of them, including your demeanor, your poise, and leadership.  Letters of Reference are a lot more general and can be written by anyone whom you might have worked with.  Also, these are often courtesy letters, meaning that they are written for free.

Is that it?  Not so fast.

You’ll need to know how to present your resume.  Do you bring it in a colored manila folder?  That might pass.  It is definitely mediocre and does not send any kind of distinctive message.  But maybe you’re okay with being non-distinctive.  Remember what you’re dealing with here.  You’re dealing with your career, whether it’s just starting or whether you’re in its middle years.

And in any position, it doesn’t hurt to pretend an executive level of competency.  To that end, put your resume inside a resume portfolio. This guy makes a good case for doing just that.

What else do you need to consider when submitting these job letters to companies you want to work with?

Use a professional email address, something that begins to brand you as a professional. You’ll no longer want to rely on MinnieMoo33@yahoo.com.  That’s not going to fly.  Oh, no one will say anything to your face, but behind your back they will be rolling their eyes, laughing, or discounting you from the start.  That’s not good.  Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe the world is made of cotton candy and marshmallows and Skittles.  I have my doubts.  So protect yourself.  Be professional with every piece of paper. What goes on paper is a reflection of you.  Do not forget that.  It makes it harder for people to attack you in print if your printed paper trail is as close to immaculate and impressive as possible.  A stronger email address would be BillPost@gmail.com.  All it has is your name.  Nothing else.  It doesn’t reveal anything about you.  It doesn’t get readers curious or suspicious or giggling. You want to manage your career, your reputation, your name, like I said, in print as best you can.


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